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The Paradise of Peljesac

Updated: Feb 2

This Dalmatian peninsula is unfairly denied of the publicity that places like Dubrovnik or Hvar boast with. Although it attracts thousands of tourists each summer, it is often left behind and not the main point of focus when planning to visit Croatia.

We at Anchor & Wine feel that this beautiful and diverse place of breathtaking history, gastronomy, and nature deserves the spotlight. Find out what makes Pelješac so special!

Visit Pelješac Croatia
Ancient saltworks of Ston, a view from the Medieval forified wall


Located in the south of Dalmatia and easily reachable from both Split & Dubrovnik and surrounded by beautiful islands. There are ferry lines available to Korcula (known as "Little Dubrovnik" + Marco Polo's birthplace!), Mljet (a lush green island and a Croatian National park), and to Ploce. In addition to that, a bridge connecting the mainland is under construction!

This peninsula will be on your island-hopping itinerary with us, and if you're not a boat enthusiast, this is a good place to lodge and go for daily trips to the mentioned locations.

There are plenty of little villages with amazing villas and authentic experiences to indulge in.


One of the best things about Pelješac is the countless little vineyard estates all waiting to be explored.

It became a new home to renowned Napa Valley winemakers like Miljenko Grgich from Grgich Hills vineyards, and Korta Katarina's vineyard owners from Naples, FL who decided to move their home, boutique hotel, and wine chateau to this very peninsula. The finest Croatian wines and indigenous grapes all come from Pelješac's fertile slopes.

Vineyard Peljesac
Unique steep vineyard slopes of Peljesac


If oysters are your thing, this is the place to be. I personally enjoy them the most when fresh out of the sea and only with a squirt of lemon, and we assure you that you'll find plenty of that around Pelješac!

The cleanest seawater high in plankton and a naturally rocky seabed contribute to their high minerality and exquisite salinity. These award-winning oysters are simply a must-try and a reason itself to spend your vacation here.

 Croatian oysters
Exquisite oysters from Peljesac

Not to be mistaken, you will find an abundance of different fresh seafood here in renowned restaurants where modern-European meets traditional Croatian cuisine. Try their take on butarga - the highly appreciated local mullet roe.


From Neolitic caves, through Ilyrian sanctuaries to Greek and Roman influence which led to its Mediterranean culture present until today. Peljesac was part of the Republic of Dubrovnik for a portion of the past, until it was concurred by Napoleon but it stils kept Dubrovnik's law regulations and customs. The Dubrovnik era was important in terms of developing salt production and trade, which brought huge profits to Dubrovnik, but also helped developing the peninsula economically. It was during those five centuries of Dubornik's rule that the village of Ston was modernized and its monumental fortified walls were built. The wall overlooks the oldest saltworks in Europe, producing highest quality sea salt to present days.

Stroll the magnificent medieval wall while enjoying the views of beautiful blue sea, and whitness the process of the natural sea water evaporation on the incredibly old salt pans!

Pelješac History
Ston on Pelješac is the home to the third longest stone wall fortification in the world and the, longest wall in Europe!

Beaches & Hiking

Some of the most pristine beaches along the Croatian cost are located on Pelješac. Peblles or sand, tucked away in secluded bays or adjacent to historic villages, you won't be able to single out your favorite.

See the updated list of the best beaches here:

If you enjoy walking and hiking, there are plenty of sites out there for you to explore. Get some ideas about routes on this site: ..and we will make it happen!

Best beaches in Pelješac
Divna beach on Pelješac

Well-Rounded Destination

With all that being said in a really brief manner, and with so much more left to witness, the reason why we admire Pelješac so much is for its modest, unpretentios yet such diverse offer which is growing more refined every year, catering even to the most demanding traveller seeking for luxury and impecable service.

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