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Paklinski islands

Monohull or catamaran?

Sailing the azure Adriatic is truly relaxing. Choose between a sailing yacht or sailing catamaran according to your preferences, but beware - an abundance of enjoyment awaits you either way.

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Sailing yacht

If you are adventurous and would like to experience speed-oriented sailing plus you don't mind being occasionally sprayed by seawater, then a sailboat is your choice.
The long keel adds a sportier sailing experience and provides safer balance control when windy conditions occur.

Sailboats have a more sleek design and will squeeze easier in a busy port since they're narrower. This will also benefit the berth costs.

Sailing yachts can fit a larger number of cabins which are usually smaller in size and shared by a wall. There are sailboats with a more spread layout that are suitable for smaller groups. They come in all sizes with different features and amenities, so 

Sailing catamaran

If you care more about comfort and stability with some extra perks such as several lounge areas or additional cabin headroom, the catamaran might be your choice. Catamarans won't feel cramped with a larger amount of people on board and offer more privacy in the cabins thanks to the two hulls. The interior can be used as extended outdoor space since there is no staircase to the cockpit compared to a monohull. Groups larger than six people would definitely feel more comfortable on a cat. Be prepared to .

Sustainable sailing

We partnered only with companies who implemented environmentally friendly practices and care about minimizing sea pollution. By sailing with us you will take part in preserving the sea and coastal areas, and join the pioneering movement of responsible tourism in Croatia. 

Sail green without compromising the comfort

To assure your complete enjoyment, we have handpicked sailing boats that meet the highest expectations in design, comfort and safety from companies that are actively involved in promoting sustainable sailing.

Our boats come in a four or five cabins layout - each with private bathrooms and toilets, a fully equipped kitchen, living area, AC, WiFi and sound system with available extras. 


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