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Beyond farm to table:
The farm right next to your table.

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Taste of the home-grown

Croatian food is unspoiled.
It never got the chance to learn the shortcuts.
It remained authentic,

clean and bold in its taste. 


Experience Croatian culture through local cuisine

The variety of tastes condensed in the petite land of Croatia will stun you. Each of the regions offers distinctive dishes, determined by what local nature and tradition have to offer.

Anything you taste will divinely trigger your palate, subtly taking you back in time: The food you try will be as it once was, as it is supposed to taste - before we invented processed, before we knew how to ship products to opposite sides of the world.


Eat like a local

We will take you to undisclosed restaurants, farms, vineyards, and houses that will warmly host you and cook for you local, organic, and easily digestible food.

Share memorable moments with your close ones over fresh, sun-soaked, and sustainable foods. 


What to expect in Croatia foodwise

Organic, seasonal and locally produced food and wine.

Mediterranean and micro-regional signature dishes.

Welcoming hosts and scenic restaurant environment.

Hearty and palatable meals.


Home to indigenous grape varieties


More than 2000 years of wine production

Croatians know their wine. Be it the favorable climate and natural conditions, or the know-how passed through generations, there is firm evidence in our favour: The ancient Romans, Greeks, even Illyrians practiced wine growing in this area.

Home to indigenous grape varieties

Croatian landscape with it’s distinct  terroir is optimal for wine-growing. Cruising the Adriatic will allow you to taste every island’s best: Varieties that have been here for ages, but are emerging worldwide - clearing their path to every knowledgeable wine-lover’s cellar.

“I want to bathe in this. I would like to go frolic in this wine. Where’s my toga?”

 Anthony Bourdain on Croatian wine

A natural approach to winemaking in Croatia has earned the EU Organic certification to many small-batch winerys. Even those who don’t care about the organic stamp, never really adopted anything else but a sustainable and conscious way of producing high-quality wine.

This coexistence with nature resulted in organic standards, natural production, and biodynamic interconnectivity. The outcomes are avoidance of chemicals, very low sulphur add-ons, natural yeasts usage, and of course, delightful wine notes. Zivili!

Organic wine

“America claims Zinfandel as its own—but Croatia has something to say about that.” 
                              Condé  Nast Traveler



Refreshing white wines with a spice note

Full-bodied white wines with subtle almond notes


Bold red wines with blackberry notes

Juicy red with well integrated alcohol and tannins


Dry white wines with a peppery pear note


Earthy, full-bodied robust red wines

While you will be guided by experts who will break down for you each grape and bottle of wine, we present to you the most notable Croatian varieties

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