Frequently asked questions.

What is the best period to go and what weather can I expect?

Croatian coast has a mild Mediterranean climate - the weather is warm and pleasant from May throughout October. Summertimes are hot and dry with temperatures between 70F at night, and up to 90F during the day. The constant light sea breeze always makes it easier to bare hot weather. Sea temperatures vary between 71F and 80F. If you are looking to avoid the busiest months packed with tourists, we recommend late May, June and September.

Do I need a visa to visit Croatia?

Visa is not required for U.S. passport holders who make temporary tourist and business trips that last up to 90 days (during a six-month period, starting from the day of your first entry).  In order to travel to Croatia, your passport needs to be valid. EU regulations require that U.S. passport holders have no less than three months validity left on their passport when they depart to Croatia. U.S. passport holders with less than three months remaining validity might be denied entry. The U.S. Embassy suggests that your passport should be valid for at least six more months in order to avoid any inconveniences while traveling. 

What should I pack for the boat? 

We advise packing lighter in order to make it easier for you to organize your belongings on the boat. There are different size storage spaces and compartments on each boat, but it is not always easy to go through those spaces. Your cabin won’t be as spacious as a hotel room.

Bring your documents such as a valid ID/passport, driving license, travel insurance. Make sure to take cash/credit/debit/ prepaid cards and cash as there will be places where cards won’t be accepted.

Take your flip flops, bathing suits, and sunglasses as the bare necessities, add a few outfits for a stroll around the town and dinners. Bring a sunscreen, toiletries and your prescription medicines. Don’t forget a smile :)

Will towels and sheets be provided on the yacht?

Yes, bath towels will be provided as well as bed linens for each cabin. If your trip lasts not more than a week and you would like to refresh your bedding during that period, please give us a heads up so that we can provide you with extra sheets on board.

How to choose between a sailing yacht or a catamaran?

If you are a sailing enthusiast who does not mind limited space - go for the monohull, but for the comfort, stability and an effortless vacation on the sea, we recommend the catamaran.



What if I am prone to seasickness?

If you are prone to seasickness, we encourage you to consult your physician who will recommend adequate medication. These will most likely be over the counter drugs such as Dramamine or patches.

Is the sailing cruise my only option with Anchor & Wine?

We have specialized in sailing holidays as we believe that it is a unique way of effortlessly travel to multiple islands and places with having the comfort of your own room throughout the entire trip.

The charter week normally lasts 8 days: Saturday to Saturday, but it is possible to adjust and opt for fewer days (price will remain the same) or to prolong your stay at additional cost. If you wish to combine your vacation with staying on land, we will be pleased to deliver you the most adequate itinerary according to your wishes.

Where does the crew sleep?

In order to deliver best performance, your crew needs adequate sleeping conditions. We always try to ensure a cabin for the crew with their own bathroom and proper space to rest. Even though we always try our best to ensure a cabin,  there is a possibility they will sleep in limited-space compartments on the front of the boat. We are trying to avoid that by not over-booking the boat. 

How many persons can a sailing yacht accommodate?

Depending on the size of the boat you charter, the usual number of cabins is four or five. If your boat has four cabins the ideal number of guests would be 6 but it can go up to 8. If your boat has five cabins, it can comfortably accommodate eight guests.  Don’t forget you will have your skipper and hostess on board with you.

Is tipping customary in Croatia?

Tipping is customary in Croatia even though hospitality income does not entirely depend on your tipping habits. We suggest 10% of your bill and more when you are extremely satisfied with the service.

When does the boat depart and return to the marina?

Most of the charters have a policy of departure between 5 pm and 6 pm on Saturday afternoon, with the possibility of an early check-in when the boat is ready by 1 pm.  Your boat needs to be back in the marina by Friday afternoon at 6 pm.

Will I be able to pay with my credit card?

Credit cards are accepted roughly everywhere in Croatia, with  the exception of places such as restaurants and vineyards in remote bays who will take cash only. We advise you to withdraw a certain amount of cash when you arrive in Split, before the departure.

Do we need to hire a skipper for our trip?

If you are an experienced and confident sailor there is a possibility to rent the vessel without the crew, but we strongly recommend the have skipper on board, as he possesses extensive knowledge of how to get around the islands, bays, marinas, and restaurants. We believe that your vacation would not be the same without the help and knowledge of a local skipper. We strongly care about your safety, thus we hire only an experienced crew.

What are the hostess duties?

The hostess will be preparing breakfast and lunch on board. Any meal can be replaced with a dinner option if arranged with her. The hostess keeps the common spaces neat and tidy. You can reach out to your hostess if you need additional information about the sites and customs in Croatia.

What meals can we expect on board? 

Breakfast and lunch will be prepared and served on board daily by your host. If you decide to have dinner on the boat, you can discuss with your host swapping lunch for dinner and have lunch out instead. Breakfast will mostly consist of cereals, fresh fruit, bread and toast, pastries, spreads and eggs. Boats are equipped with a coffee maker. Lunch will be a light meal such as pasta, salads, vegetables and chicken.

What if there are dietary restrictions in the group?

Any dietary restrictions should be discussed in advance via email so that the host can prepare before getting groceries in order to make sure that everyone from the group can enjoy proper and balanced meals.

Is there WiFi on the boat and will the AC be provided?

Yes, we want to make sure that you have the best possible time on your boat so we offer only the boats with a generator, watermaker, WIFI and AC.