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Start your tailor-made journey

Sail the Dalmatian coast for 7 days in a small group...guided by a skilled and professional skipper

Dine in family-owned local restaurants

Moore in 7 different islands and towns

Access up to 5 vineyards with wine tasting and wine pairing dinners

Enjoy 6 balanced breakfasts & lunches onboard

Swim, paddle and snorkel in remote bays 
and beaches

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Sail the crystal clear waters

Imagine waking up in a sunny secluded bay, and “struggling” to decide: Should I take a dip in the turquoise water, or stroll along the shore under the pines? Sit down, relax. Sip your morning coffee, listen to the mellow chirp of crickets. You can do both. Plus, you can join your beloved one  on that paddleboard, and eat a deliciously prepared frittata. 


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Stroll through cobbled villages

Cross the “pasarela” on your boat, and find yourself walking the winding stone streets of historical coastal towns. There will be city walls, churches, palaces, there will be  towers - don’t get intimidated though. While they are all eye-capturing architectural achievements, they are also within the reach of a walk.  

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Savor locally sourced food and wine

There are two likely scenarios for the bon vivant in you:

You are dining in the patio of a family-run taverna. Plates on the checkered tablecloth are filled with homemade delicacies, while bottles of wine and empty glasses of rakija are here to complete the festive scene. You have toasted with your friends as the locals have for hundreds of years. Živili!

You are on the boat, the sunset is hitting the bay. Your captain spotted a family of dolphins joyfully playing... You run to the bow with your glass of Plavac to capture this amazing moment. Pour yourself another one - your hostess will serve dinner as soon as the pasta gets al dente

Our journey started in Split and we opted for a one-way trip to Dubrovnik. The proximity of the islands is truly amazing! We enjoyed 7 days of sailing and swimming on beautiful beaches, great food and lots of history without a tight schedule

Allan, Manhattan,  NY

We didn't know much about Croatia before this trip, but we returned full of memories and stories to tell. Our favorite part was dinning in remote family-run farms while watching the sun dipping behind the surrounding vineyard 


Theresa, Greenwich, CT


Trust us with choosing the best.

We are determined to provide you with a customized boutique experience. Decide between a handful of the best options that we approved. A great vacation calls for a knowledgeable local - have us plan your Croatian route.  

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How do you find these places?

It’s no secret that Croatia gets busy during the summer. Party routes, cruising ships and such, might affect the level of your enjoyment. Avoiding the fuss without skipping the hot spots can be challenging. So, how to set an ideal itinerary and have it all?

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