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A summer 
to yourself.

Retreat, Restore, Repeat.

Rocky shore with blue see through waters
Retreat anchor

Intact nature, unspoiled food

An eight-days summer retreat on the stunning Croatian coast, tailored to your beat.

Mind, body, and soul-nurturing:
Expect striking surroundings, moderate exercising, an organic & balanced diet.

Women doing yoga on a sailboat

No. 01

Beach, SUP & Vineyard  Workout.

We will determine the route with your instructor and pick places that fit best your workout & chillout rhythm. If you are a group of yoga or pilates enthusiasts traveling without your instructor, we will be happy to provide you with one. 
The challenge of training comes in many ways: It is not only about finding the balanced practice that fits your body. This time you will encounter different settings that will inspire you in different ways. Reconnect with nature, reconnect with YOURSELF.

Retreat, lat. rētractō
To pull back, to withdraw.

No. 02

A sailing retreat?

The sea has unique calming powers: It will help you unplug easier, boost your immune system thanks to its countless minerals, and restore your energy level. The boat will not limit you to one place!

Healing sea properties
New & inspiring environment daily
Strengthening team connections
Unique outdoor exercising experience
+ amazing sunsets!  

Boat retreat perks

Excercising followed by wine tasting

We not? We studied thoroughly the Croatian coast and all its boutique vineries that are worth the visit: Opt for wine tastings and pairing dinners with vineyard workout for an out-of-this-world experience.

Croatian Wine: Organic by nature

A natural approach to winemaking in Croatia has earned the EU Organic certification to many small-batch winerys. Even those who don’t care about the organic stamp, never really adopted anything else but a sustainable and conscious way of producing high-quality wine.

This coexistence with nature resulted in organic standards, natural production, and biodynamic interconnectivity. The outcomes are avoidance of chemicals, very low sulfur add-ons, natural yeasts usage, and of course, delightful wine notes. Zivili!

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