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Catamaran vs Sailboat: Choosing the right boat

Updated: Feb 16

Before getting to decide which stunning places in Croatia will become part of your trip, we would like to introduce you with the basic differences between sailing monohulls and catamarans to help you ease up the choice.

Whether you are a family with your little ones on board or a group of sailing enthusiasts, there are different factors to be considered.

Catamaran vs Sailboat

Space and comfort

The first and obvious difference is the number of hulls. The living space in a catamaran is the platform connecting the hulls which make the living space larger with a comfier kitchen and sitting area layout. Being in the same level as the cockpit, when open it blends together creating a connected space to hang out and easier to reach for food or anything you need from the inside and vice versa. The salon is also more aired and lighter thanks to bigger windows.

The living area in a sailing monohull is reachable by stairs and shares the same plane as sleeping cabins.

Sleeping cabins in a catamaran layout will provide more privacy as they won't t share a wall compared to cabins in a sailing boat.

sailing boat

Sailing and speed

A sailing catamaran offers more speed while sailing downwind but it won't add that sporty and adventurous feel and leaning. A downside of sailing a catamaran would be the pounding and slapping that can be felt on the undercarriage when sailing upwind, while the monohull will provide a smoother experience.

Sailing monohull

If you care about more comfort and space we recommend opting for a catamaran. For those whose imperative is an adventurous sailing experience, a high tier sailing monohull will be the perfect fit.

Other pros and cons

Catamarans are more bulky and will need more space to dock in marinas therefore the price of marina fees will be higher. The two engines on a catamaran will make it easier to maneuver and can facilitate a case of emergency. A bow thruster in the front of the sailing monohull will ease up the docking but not all sailing boats are equipped with one.

Our opinion: For those who would like to enjoy a vacation with more comfort, stability with extra living and sunbathing areas, we recommend a sailing catamaran.

If you lean towards a monohull, we totally understand and will make sure to provide you with one of the very best models available. Wherever you go, though decisions await for you.

Sail La Vie!

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