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Yoga retreat in Croatia: Why go for it

Updated: Jan 31

The #Mediterranean has always been an attractive Summer destination, but recently we’ve started considering its mild climate, healthy diet and cultural appreciation for rest as a favorable option for a yoga #retreat. Breath in, move slowly and absorb every Sunshine as we take you along the Coast that treasures all the ingredients for your dream yoga retreat in Croatia.

Yoga in Croatia

The microclimate

The Croatian coast is tucked in the Mediterranean basin on the Adriatic sea, facing the east coast of Italy. The riviera is specific for its numerous islands, counting over 1000 isles and cliffs.

Landscapes thriving in pine trees leaning against the crystal sea and secluded coves and beaches make for the optimal detachment and rest. Breathing-in the Adriatic air itself will make you benefit health-wise. The tiny particles in the air - a mixture of sea spray locally generated at the surface by the wind-waves interaction processes, combined with the oxygen produced in the pines is known as a natural aerosol - which will benefit your respiratory system and alleviate any troubles that come with corrupted mucous membrane, even in cases severe as asthma. This unique combination of particles can be found especially in the Northern Adriatic.

Seaside yoga

All benefits from the warm Adriatic Sea are intensified once you step on a luxury sailing #catamaran. Setting the sails as the wind gently swings the boat will make you forget about all the noise you’ve been constantly exposed to. Sailing catamarans are fully equipped and comfortably host up to ten people, but do not achieve high speed as opposed to a standard powerboat. They are spacious and equipped with lounge mats both on the bow and stern, but for practicing we have in mind something different: standing paddle boards, beaches and vineyards.

Coast of Croatia

The food

Everything has been said when it comes to the Mediterranean diet, but we will stress out the highlights: locally produced olive oil rich in omega 3 fatty acids, sun-soaked seasonal vegetables, nuts, grains, and fruit, especially the ones that you don’t get that often straight from the source like figs, grapes and all kinds of citrus fruit. The local varieties will surprise you: let’s leave that to a surprise factor.

The surrounding

The scenery will surely include everything that you have in mind when thinking about the Mediterranean - turquoise waters, lush greens, pebble and sand beaches & the list goes on. What makes Croatia an ideal #yogascape, is the unique combination of nature and history. The proximity of the island’s bays and towns and villages makes it accessible to reach within only a few hours of relaxing boat riding.

Vineyards of Croatia

The vineyards

Whether you’d like to keep it all sattvic and pure, we still recommend enjoying the beautiful views of the Dalmatian vine-cultivating terraces and slopes that will inspire you and will make you pull out your yoga mat right there. For an alternative experience combining exercise and sipping the “nectar of the Gods” as the dawn approaches, we assure you that those hard-to-pronounce wines from Croatia will make you wish for more.

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